About Sandy Nightingale

I have been lucky enough to work as an illustrator since leaving Art School. After years of illustrating the work of others I’ve now written and illustrated quite a few children’s picture books of my own which have been published around the world.

Then, a few years ago, an editor at Little,Brown introduced me to broadcaster and writer Sandi Toksvig, predicting that we would work well together.

Us two Sandies found that we just made each other laugh and have now giggled our way through the making of two books so far.

Together we created The Travels of Lady ‘Bulldog’ Burton.


And Heroines & Harridans. A collection of great women in history. It is a tale of eccentricity (generally British), some bad behaviour (occasionally American) and rather odd love lives (some corking aristocrats).. Heroines and Harridans has its very own Facebook Page.

Here is my portfolio website.

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  • Muriel Thake

    I have just come across a MEDICI book of poems illustrated by you 1981 so beautiful, my own daughter had this book read to her and now we are reading it to our grandson. I now plan to find your other books.

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